Who Are We?

We are a Media & Marketing Team that Connects Businesses to Robots.

 Our Story

Robots co-existing with society and make life easier for Humans.


There is phobia that Robots are going to take over. The reality is, AI is already implemented for years. Robots have been working quietly behind the scenes. 

Robots are not taking over, they are just replacing the mundane jobs away so humans can focus on work that has more value and meaning. As more robots come in, it creates new jobs and new positions. 

We are a media and lead generation company based in Toronto, Canada. With our Parent company based in Tokyo, Japan.  We connect businesses to distributors, wholesalers and product companies. 



Meet The Team

Massive Wookie

Co-Founder & CEO

Based in Tokyo. Massive Wookie provides consultation to the Top Robotics companies in Asia. 

Spread Beaver

VP Marketing & Sales

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Richard T

Developer & Designer

7 Years in Marketing and working as a contractor for Google Street View. Richard’s expertise lies in Media and Maketing with small businesses. 

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